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Sap Businessobjects Business Intelligence System Java Sdk Developer Direct – The SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 release was aimed at improvisation in both administration and user perspectives. As previously communicated on multiple forums and the recent release announcement blog with SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 now available by Steve McHugh, with all this, you can have an overview of what to expect from the BI 4.3 release. In this blog you will find a more detailed introduction to the new feature enhancements and new details delivered with this release.

The most important thing you need to know before jumping into feature enhancements and innovations is that SAP continues to invest in on-premise BI suites. And the same was reported in the keynote speech of “SAP BusinessObjects BI VIRTUAL TOUR”. If you miss the keynote you can watch it on-demand along with other presentations and demos here

Sap Businessobjects Business Intelligence System Java Sdk Developer Direct

SAP BusinessObjects BI maintenance is extended to at least 2027 as mentioned in the main, and you can refer to the BI maintenance strategy here, and plans for the upcoming SP.

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If you want to refer to the complete maintenance schedule of SAP BusinessObjects at any time, including patch releases, you can find the same here. and refer to the bi-support document to decide on the appropriate update path between BI 4.x releases

Let’s take a look at what’s delivered in BI 4.3, announced during the BETA release, and the key themes for BI 4.3 mentioned above will be “Enhanced User Experience”, “Enhanced Enterprise Readiness” and “Hybrid Connectivity”. .

For any system or platform to be successful, taking care of user needs is very important, with the above considerations the user experience was completely revamped in the BI 4.3 release and laid the foundation for future innovations and upcoming releases.

As you know SAP introduced Fiorified BI Launchpad with BI 4.2 SP04 release with limited functionality compared to Classic BI Launchpad. From there, it continued to improvise and innovate in stages to make it similar to the classic BI launchpad over subsequent service pack releases. And shipped with the package both the launchpad as classic with /BOE/BI context as default launchpad and as verified with /BOE/BILaunchpad context.

Differences: Sap Businessobjects Web Intelligence 4.2 & 4.3

But now with BI 4.3 release, almost all features and functionality of Classic Launchpad are implemented in Verified BI Launchpad which makes Classic Launchpad redundant so Classic BI Launchpad is deprecated and not shipped with the package.

Thus, the Verified BI Launchpad will work with the default url context /BOE/BI, both for fresh deployments or updates of existing deployments to BI 4.3. This means when you launch the following url http://:/BOE/BI/Fiorified BI will take you to the Launchpad login page:

Once logged into Launchpad, you’ll notice a number of changes from version 4.2 with this release, with the Landing experience completely revamped from a usability perspective along with the look and feel.

Before proceeding, an important note for IT and BI administrators, especially those dealing with web application deployments… Please be aware that “BI Next Generation Launch Pad (Fiorified BI Launchpad)” does not use Apache Struts. ie the application running with the following context does not use /BOE/BI Struts

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And Open Documents applications are also enhanced to consume the Fiori interface like BP Launchpad and don’t use Struts.

So what’s the benefit, now that both end-user facing applications like BI Launchpad and Open Document Struts don’t use it, administrators can now easily customize BOE web application deployments with two different instances of the same one enabled with just / . Making it available externally to access BI and /OpenDocument based on needs, and central management consoles for internal use, such as /CMC. This way you can control or secure your deployment against the risk of vulnerabilities reported with Apache Struts.

For a quick overview of the BI Launchpad in BI 4.3, you can watch “What’s New in SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 – Fiorified BI Launch Pad” available on the SAP Video Analytics channel.

According to customer feedback received through multiple forums, the home page order of displaying tiles, all sections have been well organized by narrowing down the list to the most recent ones and introducing an option to view the full list for each section. To see the full list of preferences, click on “See All Preferences”.

Benefits And Examples Of Business Intelligence Solutions

Like the All Reports (All Documents) page, where you can view them in “List View (Default)” or “Tile View”, you can view them as “All Favorites”, “All Recent Documents” and “All Recently Run”. Better in list view or tile view For example, in the image below you can see that “All Current Documents” is displayed in the tile view

Folder navigation is enhanced with some useful changes regarding navigation and metadata, folder descriptions can now be accessed directly without the need to go to the properties window.

You can create subfolders, publications (refer below Publications section for more details), hyperlink objects. And, can also upload local documents

Now hyperlink creation will also support “https” url, with this support you can create hyperlink for your favorite SAP Analytics Cloud story and mark it as favorite so that it will be listed on home page in Favorites section. This way you can access both your on-premises and cloud stories from one place For security reasons, hyperlinks created with “https” will not be opened inside Launchpad and will open in new windows.

Real Life Upgrade From Sap Bi 4.x To Sap Bi 4.3 (kind Of!)

Since we know that we can upload local documents (Word or PDF) to the repository as document agnostic, BI 4.3 comes with an improvement as “File Replace” option for this file. This option will be available in the submenu of “Contextual Menu” on the previously uploaded document.

You can now copy the shortcut, as any document, and paste the shortcut to the desired location with the “Copy Shortcut” and “Paste Shortcut” options under the sub-menu of the contextual menu.

In the Applications section on the home page, you can find tiles related to SAP Analytics Cloud, with which, you can directly launch your Analytics Cloud tenant by configuring your tenant url in the Central Management Console.

In CMC, under Applications page, right click on “SAP Analytics Cloud” application and select “SAP Analytics Cloud Properties” option, configure “Tenancy URL”. By default, this property will be configured with the trial tenant request page of SAP Analytics Cloud.

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User notifications that appear in banners in the Classic BI Launchpad, the experience of this feature has been revamped and centralized in the NextGen BI Launchpad. Introduced the notification icon in the top right corner with a count next to the icon representing the notification number.

You can find the list of recently opened documents… from the application drop-down list below and you can close those open documents by clicking on the cross icon next to the document name to close that particular document that is currently open. You can easily switch between open documents while you are currently viewing or from any page of the BI Launchpad using this drop-down menu

Using the cross icon available next to the document name in this drop-down menu, you can also close the document you are currently viewing, and you will be taken back to the home page.

One important point that you need to be aware of is that in BI 4.3 you can write Web Intelligence content in the BI Launchpad, in addition to only viewing it in BI 4.2. When you launch the Web Intelligence application from the Applications section on the home page, you will be prompted to select the desired data source to generate the Web document.

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And the interface for creating Web Intelligence documents is without the need for Java 5 and functionality with BI 4.2’s Java Report Panel. Not only that, the Web Rich Client in BI 4.3 has also been revamped with the same interface as BI Launchpad, thus completely removing the dependency on Java.

You can find more details on the Web Intelligence side of things with Semantic Layer enhancements in BI 4.3 from the following blog: SAP BI 4.3: What’s New in Web Intelligence and the Semantic Layer by Christian AH-SOON. Check out the following SAP Analytics Channel videos for a quick overview of Web – What’s New in SAP Business Objects BI 4.3 – Web Intelligence and IDT – SAP Business Objects BI 4.3 – Information Design Tools.

In fact, you can select the “Edit” option of the contextual menu for the “Web Intelligence” document to edit the same in the BI Launchpad, the same for the “Crystal Reports for Enterprise” document and the Crystal Reports for Enterprise client. application

As you know BI Next Generation Launchpad’s customizable custom themes were made easier by the Theme Designer application, which was introduced in the BI 4.2 SP07 release. For more details on the same see Customization and

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