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Evaluation Solutions Business Intelligence Advancement Workshop – Organizational development is a complex process. You need to understand its different processes and what you need to do in each one to travel successfully. So, what are the stages of organizational development and what do you do in each of them? Let’s dive in!

Organizational Development (OD) is a process for making changes within an organization’s systems to help it operate more efficiently. This scientific method focuses on analyzing and changing the current activities to solve problems and organize the strategies and goals of organizations in their ever-changing environment.

Evaluation Solutions Business Intelligence Advancement Workshop

OD incorporates both “hard” and “soft” aspects into business. For example, structured or dynamic aspects include goals, processes, and strategies. The soft part is based on understanding and refers to people, behavior, culture, etc.

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There are five stages of organizational development, and you must apply them all to get the most benefit. Let’s take a closer look at each section. 1. Entering into a contract

The first phase of OD occurs when an organization identifies an issue that needs improvement. Examples of such words include:

After identifying the problem, a meeting is started between the leader / manager (“customer”) you will work to establish a relationship. During this process, you will present and identify the problem and find out detailed analysis of the situation. Then you can determine the expectations and scope of the work.

During this process, you will collect and organize the necessary data to analyze the underlying situation and determine what to do. You must first understand the current state of the organization and how the system works before you can have a clear basis to design solutions that can solve the problem. This research involves collaboration with stakeholders.

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Once your findings are made, you will want to share them with your client/team. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience with too much information. Collect feedback to reduce the time you need to hold their attention. Be sure to include insights that will motivate them to support the change that needs to happen. 3. Participation and action

Now that you’ve analyzed the situation and communicated your findings to your client, it’s time to get into planning. You will transform the findings into action plans with detailed steps and intervention steps for implementing the changes that need to happen.

Intervention is an action or activity that deliberately disrupts the way things are done to promote positive change. These different methods are available, depending on the needs of the organization.

Examples of OD programs include organizational structure (organization), performance management, health integration, and transformational change. You can see more examples here.

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Applying input to a domain can help you identify which input will be most effective for the situation at hand.

As you make your plan, more data will be available. What works and what doesn’t will become clear, and you can use this information to make it better. 4. Review and feedback

Your OD process will require careful monitoring. When the plan is implemented, it is time to move to the next phase of analysis and feedback. At this point, you will check whether the intervention has produced the desired results. Are there changes required? Review actions or interventions that require correction or should continue.

Get together with your client to decide on the metrics and measurements you will use and set up some periodic reviews. You will use these meetings to ensure that you and the client agree on the data. See if any of you are missing anything or if there are any misunderstandings in the interpretation of the data.

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The four levels of Kirkpatrick’s analysis is a model used in Education & Development that is also helpful for evaluating OD interventions. Each of the four levels represents a measure of effectiveness:

Feedback – People in the system share how they get help or services. An experience survey is one way to gather the opinions of users.

Learning – What did users learn? Did they gain new awareness, understanding, experience, or skills as a result of the intervention?

Action – This level shows how to effectively implement the intervention through any changes made in thinking, being, and doing. You can use self-assessments or 360-degree feedback to measure this.

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Results – These are the final results of the intervention. What impact do they have on either the company’s bottom line or on employees, shareholders, or customers?

The change is applied to the normal operation, and you have reached the end of the OD process. Finish with a plan for performance standards that make the change sustainable. A process for continuous monitoring will help ensure that the changes implemented are sustained.

You need to manage the exit effectively to maintain employee trust, productivity and engagement. Show your support for the people in the organization by creating an environment that makes them feel good:

ABC Sports has grown by 35% in the last five years. Its leaders prefer to promote from within but struggle to find qualified employees to fill entry level management positions in several departments at their headquarters. Since the company does not have a separate OD department, the leadership relies on HR to solve the problem. Step 1 – Entering into the contract

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Emily, an HR representative, meets with two executives to discuss the situation in detail and gain a clear understanding of what is expected of filling a management position. They work together, they come up with things that can be useful. Part 2 – Discovery

Emily takes steps to analyze the talent pipeline and collect data. It guides employees from different departments and asks questions like:

Emily collects the data and finds that many employees do not feel that ABC Sports is investing in the growth of its employees. He shows his findings to two of his employees to convince them that this mindset needs to be changed. Step 3 – involvement and action

As Emily devises a program, it includes the necessary contributions for the company to invest in the growth and development of employees and prepare people for management roles.

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Data and feedback have been collected during the implementation of the OD process. Emily reviews it to see if this intervention is on track:

Emily gathers the observation report and meets with her superiors to discuss it. It suggests ways to improve the training process. For example, expanding the time for paid time from full-time work for employees to receive development opportunities. Emily is organizing future logins to continue the research process. Section 5 – Termination/departure

With an effective training program in place, Emily is ready to complete the final phase of the OD process. He conducts several staff focus groups to provide volunteers with a platform to express their feelings and provide feedback on the training program.

ABC Sports accepts plans for training opportunities that invest in the learning and development of employees. This ended Emily’s OD career.

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Organizations that thrive on continuous change, organizational development is essential for translating into better productivity. Carrying out this practice is a complex and lengthy task, but understanding the various processes of organizational development helps to make the OD process more effective and efficient. It also helps you uncover your own OD skill gaps and work out what to focus your skill development efforts on. Want to dive deeper?

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