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Download And Install Ibm Cognos Business Intelligence Developer Version – 2 Note Before using this information and the product it supports, read the information in Notes on page 127. Product information This document applies to IBM Cognos Business Intelligence version and may also apply to subsequent releases. To check for newer versions of this document, visit IBM Cognos Information Centers (Licensed Materials – Property of IBM Copyright IBM Corporation 2005, US Government Users Restricted Rights Use, duplication or disclosure restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.

3 Contents Introduction vii Chapter 1. IBM Cognos BI Chapter 2. The user interfaces in the multi-layer architecture Web-based user interfaces Windows-based user interfaces Level 1. Web server: IBM Cognos BI Gateways Level 2. Applications: IBM Cognos BI Servers Dispatcher Content Manager Level 3. Data: Content providers Content repository Data sources Metric store Chapter 3. Communication messages and dispatch Local preferred dispatch of log message processing Planning log message stores in a distributed installation recommendation – Consolidate log messages in a distributed environment using an external log server recommendation – Configure a log file for each log server Database Connection management Content repository Database Query databases Metric storage databases Microsoft. NET Framework Interactions Port Usage Request Flow Management Accessing IBM Cognos BI Viewing a Report or Analysis Running a Report or Analysis Scheduling a Task to Run Opening the IBM Cognos Connection Folder Running an Agent Indexing Content Searching Content Portal Pages Chapter 4. Implementation Workflow Planning Installing IBM Cognos BI Configuring IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Monitoring Configuration Changes Configuring Security Configuring IBM Cognos BI for Multilingual Reporting Managing IBM Cognos BI using IBM Cognos BI for Report Cognos and Analytics Creating Reporting Models and Packages Authoring Reports Using IBM Cognos BI for Scorecarding Package in Metric Studio Copyright IBM Corp. 2005, 2011 iii

Download And Install Ibm Cognos Business Intelligence Developer Version

4 Creating scorecard applications Using IBM Cognos BI to create PowerCubes Managing events Chapter 5. Implementation planning checklist Chapter 6. Installation options Installing all components on one computer Installing the gateway on a separate computer Installing application-level components and content management on separate computers Multiple installations of Content Manager installation options -modeling tools IBM Cognos BI with other IBM Cognos products IBM Cognos products that can be upgraded to IBM Cognos BI IBM Cognos Series 7 products that can be migrated to IBM Cognos BI IBM Cognos products that interoperate with IBM Cognos BI IBM Cognos Series 7 Contents that can be replicated in IBM Cognos BI Chapter 7. Performance planning Capacity planning IBM Cognos BI user load estimation Application complexity planning Infrastructure components Scalability planning Web server and gateway scalability IBM Cognos BI Server scalability Availability planning IBM Cognos BI gateway availability BI server availability Content Manager availability Content repository availability Chapter 8. Performance Monitoring and Tuning Performance Metrics Database Tuning Application Server Tuning Changing Memory Settings Setting Connection Limits Web Server Tuning IBM Cognos BI Tuning Designing Models and Reports for Performance Tuning IBM Cognos BI Dispatchers Tuning the Report Service, Batch Report Service, and Report Data Service Setting Affinity Connections Best Practices for Scheduled Reporting Using Report Exploded PDF -low-bandwidth rendering links Disk maintenance monitoring IBM Cognos BI servers Temporary space for IBM Cognos BI servers Advanced configuration settings for report processing Chapter 9. Globalization considerations Locales Adding fonts to the IBM Cognos BI environment Changing the language of the user interface Changing the language of reports, data, or metadata for users Customizing currency, numbers, dates, and times Setting up a multilingual IBM Cognos BI environment iv IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Version: Architecture and Deployment Guide

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5 Configuring a Database for Multilingual Reporting Chapter 10. Security Architecture IBM Cognos Application Firewall IBM Cognos Authentication Services Cognos Namespace Single Signon IBM Cognos Authorization Services Distributed Administration Permissions Cryptographic Services Using a Third-Party Certificate Authority IBM Cognos Cryptographic Provider Chapter 11 Deployment Securing. Techniques for Securing the Operating System Techniques for Securing the Network Securing the Application Recommendation – Using the IBM Cognos Application Firewall Configuring the Cryptographic Environment Securing Temporary Files Securing IBM Cognos BI Files Protecting CAM Password Cookies Techniques for Securing Access to IBM Cognos Cognos Securing PowerC IBM Cognos Connection Securing Data Source Signatures Securing the Content Store Security Audit Notes Index Content v

7 Introduction This document is intended for use with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence. This document is for the business intelligence solution architect who oversees the setup, administration, and use of IBM Cognos BI, a web-based business intelligence solution with integrated reporting, analytics, metrics, and event management capabilities. This document v v v Describes the IBM Cognos BI architecture from the perspectives of structure, communication, workflow and security. Provides information to help you plan and configure IBM Cognos BI and to maximize performance. Describes the IBM Cognos BI security architecture and provides guidelines for securing its deployment. Audience To use this guide effectively, you should already be familiar with your information technology infrastructure and with the business needs of the people in your organization who will be using IBM Cognos BI. Finding information To find IBM Cognos product documentation online, including all translated documentation, visit one of the IBM Cognos information centers. Release notes are published directly to information centers and include links to the latest technotes and APARs. You can also read PDF versions of the product release notes and installation guides directly from the IBM Cognos product discs. Forward-looking statements This documentation describes the current functionality of the product. References to items not currently available may be included. No implication of future availability should be inferred. Such references are not an obligation, promise or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. The development, release and timing of features or functionality remains at IBM’s sole discretion. Example Disclaimers The Great Outdoors Company, GO Sales, any variation of the Great Outdoors name, and the Planning Sample depict fictitious business operations with sample data used to develop sample applications for IBM and IBM customers. These fictitious records include sample data for sales transactions, product distribution, finance, and human resources. Any resemblance to actual names, addresses, contact numbers or transaction values ​​is coincidental. Other sample files may contain fictitious data manually or machine-generated, factual data compiled from academic or public sources, or data used with the permission of the copyright holder, for use as sample data to develop sample applications. Product name referenced Copyright IBM Corp. 2005, 2011 vii

8 may be trademarks of their respective owners. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited. viii IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Release: Architecture and Deployment Guide

9 Chapter 1. IBM Cognos BI IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is a solution developed to meet the challenges of reporting, analysis, goal management and event notification. The IBM Cognos BI architecture was designed for scalability, availability and transparency. It uses platform-independent, industry-proven technology, such as Extensible Markup Language (XML), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), and Web Services Definition Language (WSDL). For this reason, IBM Cognos BI can be integrated with and leverage your existing technology infrastructure on multiple platforms. The IBM Cognos BI architecture has a consistent, zero-footprint, web-based user interface for viewing, creating, and managing reports, analytics, scorecards, and events. It has a common dispatcher and supports leading relational databases as well as Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and dimensionally modeled relational cubes. It ensures dynamic load balancing and provides failover recovery for continuous operation. It also provides a single point of administration, as well as web-based delegated administration. IBM Cognos BI is fully open to third-party products and custom development. It also integrates with online farms and supports multilingual reporting and goal management. IBM Cognos Data Manager IBM Cognos BI also includes Data Manager for data integration. With Data Manager, you can extract data from source systems and data files, transform the data, and load it into a data warehouse, custom data mart, or report collection area. For information about the Data Manager architecture, see the Data Manager Installation and Configuration Guide and the Data Manager User Guide. Copyright IBM Corp. 2005,

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11 Chapter 2. The multi-tiered architecture IBM Cognos Business Intelligence has a multi-tiered architecture. For description purposes, it can be divided into three tiers: Web server, applications, and data. The tiers are based on business function, and are usually separated by network firewalls. The IBM Cognos BI user interface sits above the levels. User interface Figure 1. Multi-tier architecture workflow This information describes a single-server IBM Cognos BI configuration. To meet your requirements, you can choose a different configuration. For more information, see Chapter 6, Installation options, on page 51. IBM Cognos BI is configured with IBM Cognos Configuration. You also use IBM Cognos Configuration to start and stop IBM Cognos services. In addition to IBM Cognos Configuration, IBM Cognos BI has Web-based and Windows-based user interfaces, as listed in the table below. Copyright IBM Corp. 2005,

12 Web-based interfaces IBM Cognos Connection IBM Cognos Administration Query Studio Report Studio Analysis Studio Windows-based interfaces Framework Manager Metric Designer Transformer Map Manager IBM Cognos BI for Microsoft Office Event Studio Metric Studio IBM Cognos Business Insight Web-based user interfaces Zero footprint,

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