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Business Intelligence Tools Jobs – Business Intelligence gives today’s companies the ability to grow by leveraging the power of data, and a Power BI developer is an important part of that process. BI professionals analyze data, identify trends and patterns, derive useful information, and communicate these results to business stakeholders and decision makers—all while interacting with other groups to help achieve business goals.

Companies use various business intelligence tools to perform these tasks, and Power BI is among the most popular and sought-after solutions. And since working with this tool requires expertise and training, Power BI developers are in demand.

Business Intelligence Tools Jobs

Below, we cover everything you need to know about the Power BI developer role—job description and perspective, career development opportunities, skills and training required, helpful tips on becoming a Power BI developer, and resources to start your training.

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Power BI developers work in business intelligence (BI)—usually part of a company’s analytics team. Their primary duties are to process and analyze data and design visualizations to turn them into actionable information valuable to business stakeholders. But mostly, they focus on creating Power BI dashboards. That said, a variety of data visualization tools can be used for business intelligence.

Power BI, developed by Microsoft, enables users to work with large databases to create dashboards and gain insights to improve business performance. Excel may fail when the amount of data increases.

In addition, Power BI is full of built-in utilities for data manipulation and data manipulation. It stands out from other BI tools with its extensive communication options. You can import databases in various formats, pull data from an API, and connect to cloud-based data sources.

More importantly, those who know how to use Power BI can create captivating, interactive, and informative dashboards and distribute data to update it in real time.

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At this point, you may be wondering how this differs from Tableau. The two tools are similar in terms of skills, and being a Tableau developer can be just as rewarding and profitable as being a Power BI developer.

The main difference is that more experienced users prefer Tableau because it is more complex. And while Tableau can handle large amounts of data, the power of Power BI is equally powerful,

However, even though Power BI requires no coding, there is a steep learning curve – so you’ll need to do some thorough training if you decide to go down that path. But it will be good.

The road to becoming a Power BI developer can be long and difficult, but you will be rewarded for your efforts. According to Glassdoor, the Power BI entry-level salary in the US is an average of $92,998 per year (base pay and bonuses included).

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As you gain experience, your salary will grow, too. The salary for a Senior Power BI developer in the US with 15+ years of experience is $112,457 per year (additional fees included). Better yet, your career path doesn’t have to end there.

As a Power BI developer, you will meet regularly with senior leaders, which can be beneficial to your growth in the company.

So, once you beat the Power BI developer summit, you can move up to analytics manager. That means you’ll start overseeing the work of Power BI developers, data analysts, and other analytics team members and communicating with senior leadership and other stakeholders.

At first, there won’t be much difference in terms of money. The starting salary for an analytics manager is around $109,000 per year. But there are many opportunities for development, and once you get more experience, your salary can reach $169,109 per year.

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Let’s say a Power BI developer learns advanced math and programming and can apply that knowledge to relevant subjects. In that case, they open themselves to a new career development path: the data science approach. Now, that’s a big leap, and it’s going to take a lot of work and dedication.

However, you won’t be starting from scratch. Power BI developer roles and responsibilities vary, so you’ll already have the skills and knowledge needed. To make the transition to data science, you will need to learn to code and use advanced statistical methods.

365 has helped thousands of people transition from other fields to data science. With the Data Science Track

You can acquire the necessary skills for the job in your own time. The effort will be worth it. With a starting salary of $108,235 per year, you can work your way up to $157,784 per year.

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A Power BI developer works closely with senior leaders to build reporting dashboards that serve the strategic needs of the business.

In order to navigate such situations effectively, Power BI developers need extensive business knowledge and excellent communication skills. Before they look at the data, they work with stakeholders to define the goals and needs of the business. Then they can decide what to include in data analysis and visualization.

Only then can they start building Power BI reports. To build the report requested by senior leaders, the Power BI developer will need to communicate with several stakeholders within the company, such as sales, marketing, database management, etc. They will work closely with other business analysts and consult with subject matter experts. (SMEs) that can help them build a better dashboard.

Finally, they must provide information based on accurate, relevant, and up-to-date data, turning it into an important tool for senior leadership. Now, let’s see what skills you need to achieve that.

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The Power BI developer position is not a direct entry level position. On the other hand, this is because of the great skill required. On the other hand, it is because the senior leadership trusts and prefers to communicate with analysts who have some experience.

You can start with other data-related tasks, preferably involving Power BI. Experience working with data processing, data gateway, and data warehousing projects will also be an advantage. Once you get your foot in the door with a data-related position, landing a Power BI developer job will be very easy.

Of course, for now, you need to get the training required to develop Power BI. A bachelor’s degree in computer science would be a plus, but with or without it, you need a Power BI certification to demonstrate your skills.

Our introductory Power BI course is an excellent place to start. It’s perfect for beginners, as it starts with the basics and gradually builds your data visualization skills. Moreover, it contains many exercises, allowing you to practice what you have learned.

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Next, we provide a detailed overview of the technical and soft skills you need to acquire to become a successful Power BI developer.

Power BI requires no coding. Instead, it uses formula languages, such as Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) and M. While they won’t give you access to the entire spectrum of coding language possibilities, their range of functions is sufficient for data manipulation, simulation, and visualization. with Power BI. You don’t need any prior coding experience to learn them; even if you start from scratch, you can pick them up quickly.

Additionally, you will need a good command of Excel and SQL. After all, you need ways to store and manage the data coming into your dashboard. In fact, SQL queries, SQL Server Information Services (SSRS), and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) often appear as requirements in job descriptions.

These are the main tools that a Power BI developer needs for data analysis and visualization part of the work. But compelling reporting and informative dashboards align with business goals and needs. To achieve that, one needs a combination of soft skills and business knowledge.

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Excellent communication skills and deep business knowledge will facilitate your conversations with senior management, allowing you to understand their needs. And analytical and reasoning skills will help you get information from other stakeholders in the company.

When creating reports, you must be well organized and willing to work with your colleagues in the analysis team. This will help you gather the information necessary to develop comprehensive dashboards and maintain existing reports.

That said, none of this matters if you can’t communicate the results properly. So, last but certainly least in terms of importance comes presentation skills. Translating your findings into business language will help stakeholders understand the meaning of the insights gained, and is the key to building a data-driven business.

And remember, you need to get Power BI developer certification. Without relevant work experience, this is the only way to demonstrate that you have the required skills and knowledge. And that’s what employers want to see, right?

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Speaking of employers, let’s take a quick look at who you can work for as a Power BI developer.

In many companies, data analysts play the role of Power BI developers. Since they are not typists in this area, they often have limited Power BI skills. Why don’t firms hire dedicated professionals?

We saw the numbers – not every company can afford a dedicated Power BI developer, nor does it need one. So, you will come across large companies (500+ employees) throughout your job search.

As for the labor sector, firms in all industries can benefit

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