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Business Intelligence Tools Career – More than 150 years after Frederick Taylor introduced a formalized business analysis system, the battle for data has become even more fierce. Businesses need data to make critical decisions, improve their product or service quality, and ultimately beat the competition. In short, data is inevitable for their economic survival.

Given the growth in the amount of big data produced each year, the need for business intelligence and analytics becomes clearer. Business executives are now prioritizing investments in analytics as a driver for business growth. According to a 2021 IDC report, global spending on big data and business analytics solutions capped at $215.7 billion.

Business Intelligence Tools Career

On the labor side of the market, this growth signals vast opportunities for business intelligence and data analysts.

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If you’re looking to meet this requirement, read on as we guide you through what business intelligence and analytics entails and how WeCloudData can help you launch a career in the industry.

Business intelligence uses advanced technology to analyze and draw actionable insights that inform strategic decisions. It uses data mining, cleaning, analytics, virtualization and presentation techniques to transform raw customer and business data into useful information.

Business intelligence analysts often work closely with business executives to present critical insights. They help managers leverage data, spot unique opportunities, make calculated business decisions that help them achieve their business goals. They use tools and languages ​​such as Excel, SQL, Python, Tableau and Power BI to analyze data and present their findings in easy-to-understand forms.

As more businesses begin to leverage data to achieve growth and better customer satisfaction, the demand for business intelligence professionals is also increasing. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects a 14 percent increase in the demand for business intelligence analysts between 2020 and 2030. That will account for approximately 124,400 new jobs.

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Such impressive projections also come with additional benefits, including better job security and fatter paychecks. PayScale reports that the average salary for entry-level business analysts is $60,584 in March 2022. Looking at the many benefits that this career offers, the compelling question will be, “How can I become a business intelligence analyst?”

Well, look no further, because WeCloudData, a data science and analytics startup, is launching its newest program to date: the Applied Business Intelligence course. Read on as we take a closer look at this program, from what skills you’ll learn to the other benefits you can expect to start your career in the field.

WeCloudData’s Applied Business Intelligence program showcases attractive offerings that lead to excellent learning experiences and an easy transition to a career in business intelligence. Some significant highlights are the emphasis on hands-on and interactive learning, comprehensive support from day one and a quality curriculum that teaches in-demand skills.

The program allows people to learn without interrupting their regular daily schedule, making it ideal for working professionals and parents. The program is 12 weeks long and features live online and interactive classes led by experienced faculty.

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Classes are held four times a week, Monday through Thursday between 7pm and 10pm EST each day. That adds up to 160 hours of learning for the entire program. Students can also get live help from teachers and TAs on any issues they have with the topics or assignments during the “Ask Anything” period.

Project-based learning is a strategy that WeCloudData uses, in which students complete several short assignments and eight real-world projects throughout the program. Such an approach exposes them to real industry problems and strengthens their problem solving skills. It also provides essential work experience and serves as excellent additions to their portfolios.

The project-building activities hone not only their technical skills but also their soft skills, including how to communicate and collaborate with team members and how to approach problems from multiple perspectives.

As a newbie in technology, you will need a lot of support and encouragement to get through the hurdles. With one-on-one mentoring, WeCloudData matches you with successful big data professionals and subject matter experts who will mentor you throughout your training. This unique mentor-student interaction sets WeCloudData apart from other unsupervised learning options.

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Drawing from their personal experience in the industry, your mentor will advise you on proven ways to succeed as a business intelligence analyst. They can also help you with several technical concepts and challenges that you may face while completing your projects. Not to mention, they help keep you motivated with your learning at WeCloudData.

Despite the vast career opportunities available, breaking into the tech industry can be difficult, especially when you don’t have proper support and guidance. WeCloudData provides six months of career support after graduation to help with skills crucial to finding a tech job.

You will learn how to build or update your resume to fit industry standards in those six months. This also applies to your portfolio and professional branding with LinkedIn. Finally, you have the opportunity to network with multiple companies through WeCloudData’s seminars, hiring panel discussions, and hiring partner demo workshops.

WeCloudData’s Business Intelligence program curriculum features well-rounded training that covers required technical and interpersonal skills. Students will master Excel, SQL, PowerBI, Python and Tableau and apply them solving various business problems. Learning new skills can be difficult, so WeCloudData’s teachers, teaching assistants and mentors will be available to give you adequate support.

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Microsoft Excel remains the most popular spreadsheet program among businesses. And it is especially a favorite among business analysts who use this to analyze and visualize data. At WeCloudData, you will learn several Excel functions and their applications in business and analysis. You will also explore advanced reporting tools and formats, database functions, logical tests, Pivot tables and what-if analysis.

SQL is an essential programming tool for business analysts who use this language to deal with structured data. This module will teach students to query databases using SQL. They will learn basic SQL commands, data types, functions, and data filtering and aggregation. Some other topics in this module include data flow automation and translating business problems for valuable datasets.

Used in conjunction with SQL, Python is another programming language that you should learn if you want to become a business analyst. This course teaches Python basics and their application in analytics. They will then apply this knowledge in multiple data cleaning, manipulation and preparation techniques.

This training phase will introduce students to Tableau and its application in data visualization. The topics will cover forecasting, basic and advanced calculations, quadrant analysis histogram, box plot and chart setup tips.

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This course teaches students to use PowerBI for all their analysis needs, especially data visualization and storytelling. They will learn to collect data from multiple databases, clean it and build data models. They will also learn to track the performance of a business and make calculated projections.

At the end of each module, students will be required to complete a number of projects before progressing to the next course. The program then ends with students having to complete eight cases, each simulating a challenge in a chosen industry. These industries include fintech, digital transformation, supply chain analytics, digital marketing, Microsoft 365 workflow automation, credit risk analysis, marketing analytics and eCommerce.

WeCloudData’s Business Intelligence program accommodates anyone interested in helping businesses make data-driven decisions. It also caters to those interested in building a strong data sense and business acumen, regardless of their background. Simply put, it’s ideal for recent graduates, career changers or others looking to broaden their skill set.

To apply, you will need to fill out and submit the application form on the website. The form will require you to schedule a date and time for an advising meeting where a program advisor will help you determine if the program is right for you. Next, you will have to pass the technical challenge to get a place at the bootcamp.

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More people are switching to data careers as they respond to the growing demand for business analysts and data experts. While there are several alternative business intelligence courses, WeCloudData’s program is designed to help you stand out from the competition.

The well-rounded curriculum and hands-on, project-based learning ensures that you develop in-demand skills along with essential interpersonal skills. Following this is six months worth of career preparation and one-on-one support from data analysts, business analysts or data scientists who will help you prepare for your job search.

WeCloudData offers flexible financing options that include a Revenue Sharing Agreement (ISA) as a way to increase accessibility to technical ed. The bootcamp costs $4,500 (5,600 CAD) when paid in advance. On the other hand, the terms of the ISA agreement require students to pay $1,000 (1,253 CAD) up front with total repayments capped at $7,000 (8,773 CAD).

The new cohort for the Business Intelligence program begins on April 19, 2022. Early birds can receive a discount of up to five percent if they register before April 19. So hurry and register now to claim your discounts.

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