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Business Intelligence Software Application Advancement Waukesha – Leadership County has been a premier leadership development program for over 30 years. The robust program provides the tools, processes, and inspiration needed to develop and strengthen the leadership skills that empower participants to take effective leadership roles in their communities and careers. Each course is facilitated by an experienced practitioner who leads the group through leadership development, discussions, book reviews and more.

The DISC Index is an assessment tool based on four behavioral types to understand a person’s behavioral preferences. Participants will have the opportunity to take the assessment to learn about their behavioral style and how to maximize their potential professionally and personally.

Business Intelligence Software Application Advancement Waukesha

Organizations with high EQ earn more – it’s simple. Whether we are aware of our emotions or not, they show up in everything we think, do and say every day. Being aware of our emotions and tendencies (Self-‐Awareness) opens doors for us to manage ourselves more effectively (Self-‐Management) by making better decisions and responding to challenges productively and proactively. Being aware of other people’s feelings (Social Awareness), including unspoken cues, enables us to influence others and build and deepen relationships more effectively (Relationship Management).

Th Annual Engine Yearbook: Fueling A New Future

Assessing when to say yes and when to say no is a direct factor of a person’s core values. Participants will dig deep within themselves to mine their true, core values. Excavating these values ​​will allow them to understand their core needs, beliefs and aspirations. They will understand the filter through which they see and hear the world.

Check out the book Question Behind the Question which provides a helpful method for placing personal responsibility in everyday actions. Participants will examine how they can eliminate blame, take responsibility, erase procrastination, and learn why people adapt to change more quickly.

Being part of and building effective teams is a key leadership skill. There are reasons why some teams seem to win more often, and some unfortunately lose. In this session we will discuss what winning teams do differently and map these approaches to our own leadership styles. Figuring out how to build trust, create accountability, and build a unified vision that everyone can share is how the strongest leaders get things done.

Trust is the most important component of being a leader, but the hardest component to embrace. Trust is the only thing that can change everything. Participants will have the opportunity to assess trust through 13 behaviors, examine trust within themselves and their team or organization, and identify behaviors that build or destroy trust in their relationships.

Ge Move To Cost Jobs In Waukesha

Hear from a business or community leader who is passionate about leadership in their organization. Learn how leaders apply the lessons and skills from Leadership County to their daily roles and management.

Leaders are expected to be decision makers. But speed is not enough! Context, impact, desired outcome, and unintended consequences color every decision. In this final session, participants integrate their learning throughout the LWC program to evaluate each of these aspects and apply them to deliberate decision making.

As a premier professional development opportunity, participation requires a reasonable investment of money and time. The 10-session program is held in person every other week from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

A limited number of partial scholarships are available on a first-come, first-served basis for applicants representing 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. PEWAUKEE — Artificial intelligence is a growing phenomenon with no signs of slowing down. Now local businesses and manufacturers are partnering with technical schools to help prepare future members of the workforce. Beginning in the fall semester, Waukesha County Technical College will add three new information technology certificates – two in artificial intelligence and one in data analytics – and build on the strong IT offerings available in the School of Business.

Virtual Internship Placements

■ Foundations of Artificial Intelligence: A 17-credit certificate, which provides an introduction to artificial intelligence and focuses on data skills to support AI, including how to extract and analyze data and how to prepare it for AI algorithms.

■ Artificial Intelligence Technician: A 23-credit certificate that delves into the field of artificial intelligence and delves into predictive analytics, image recognition, and natural language processing.

■ Foundations of Data Analytics: A 12-credit certificate that serves as an introduction to the rapidly growing field of data analytics.

Alli Jerger, associate dean of Information Technology at WCTC, said the college began work on the program two years ago. WCTC reached out to partners in the industry and AI was still very new at the time. Jerger said it was put on hiatus until 2022 shortly before ChatGPT launched its product.

The Cloud’s Vital Role In Business Continuity

“We started the process again and said, ‘OK, let’s figure this out because we know it’s going to be big.’ We have to figure this thing out from a two-year perspective,” Jerger said.

There are master’s and doctoral programs, but for WCTC students they wanted to see what could be offered in a two-year program. Staff met with healthcare partners, manufacturers, insurance, financial and mental health service partners.

“We had all these people come together in a series of meetings and tell us what they saw and what they experienced. It was just an amazing conversation to be able to watch and really see how they use AI because AI is a big thing,” he said.

Jerger discussed the difference between genetic AI and conventional AI. Generative AI is what makes ChatGPT or Bing search engine powered by AI. Where you ask questions and it generates information. Conventional artificial intelligence has been around since the 1960s, according to Jerger. It’s more about machine learning and using data to predict something that’s going to happen and make recommendations. WCTC industry partners focus on conventional pieces of AI and how to leverage data in their organization because every company generates so much data.

Creating A Seamless User Experience For Your E Commerce Mobile App

“How do they take the data and feed it into these existing AI models and get something out of it that allows them to streamline business processes to address gaps in hiring or employment?” Our manufacturing partners tell us there are more jobs than they can find people,” Jerger said.

“It hurts people in our community who want to fulfill all the things that come from their customers and when they can’t find people, it’s a challenge. That’s why it’s so important to the partnerships we have with our industry professionals here in Waukesha County. They participate and want to tell us what they need. That is what we are trying to do with these certificates,” he said.

They want to learn how AI can help them figure out how to automate positions in the workforce so they can focus on things they can’t automate.

“It takes data mongers or people who understand enough about AI to be able to take the data and figure out what the right data is to feed these tools that are built and built into these algorithms and things are built by people with four-year and higher degrees. Then take the information that comes from those programs and tell a story,” he said.

America’s Advanced Industries: New Trends

The Foundations of AI certificate is designed to provide students with this key piece of data and ensure they have the essential foundational knowledge.

“Many industries are not advertising for an AI position. They are still figuring it out. What our partners have told us is that while they may not have jobs today, the jobs will be there in a year. They don’t know what to call the title yet,” he said.

Because AI is an emerging field, business and industry leaders are also working to determine how their companies can leverage AI and secure graduate employment opportunities, Jerger said.

“Employers have told us that they will be looking for people who can help identify the right data to feed into AI tools and who can help that data and AI-derived results tell a story,” he said.

Wctc To Offer Two Certificates In Artificial Intelligence (ai), One In Data Analytics This Fall

These new certificates are just the beginning of what WCTC plans to offer for AI programming, Jerger said. The college is creating a full Associate of Applied Science in AI degree, which will begin in fall 2024 (pending approval). Credits from AI certificates are designed to transfer to this degree program.

For more information about the 30 IT degree, technical diploma and certificate offerings at WCTC, visit

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