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Business Intelligence Developer Zarobki – According to the latest report of the No Fluff Jobs portal, which shows the amount of income in the IT industry for the period from January to July 2021, the pandemic has significantly increased the income of IT specialists, especially those who work in niche technologies .

No. Fluff Jobs this time focuses on B2B contracts, which, according to the analysis, are a more preferred form of employment of IT specialists, due to its flexibility and the amount of income, which is usually higher than PLN 3,000. PLN up to 4 thousand as in employment contracts.

Business Intelligence Developer Zarobki

This will interest you Crisis-resistant IT sector – higher salaries and demand for specialists in the first half of 2020. Salaries in IT in Poland continue to grow. Which technologies and which cities do programmers earn the most?

Szkoła Programowania, Nauka, Kursy Programowania Online: Front End, Web Developer, Java

Therefore, the medians of the salary ranges on B2B contracts were only analyzed and a list of the TOP 10 best paid IT categories was prepared.

It turned out that security specialists can count on the highest lower and upper salary brackets – income of 18.9 thousand. PLN to PLN 23.1 thousand PLN net + VAT, Artificial intelligence – from 17 thousand. PLN to PLN 23 thousand PLN net + VAT and Business Intelligence – from 16.8 thousand. PLN up to 22 thousand PLN net + VAT.

Salaries are currently slightly lower in the DevOps, Big Data and Mobile categories, and they are significantly lower in categories that are outside the TOP 10, including Frontend from 13,000 to 13,000. PLN up to 18.9 thousand PLN net + VAT, embedded from 11 thousand to 18.4 thousand. PLN net + VAT or IT Administration – from PLN 13 thousand to PLN 18 thousand net + VAT.

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We already know how much programmers earn in Poland, but how much do women earn in IT and how much do they want to earn? Grzegorz Ulan

The demand for IT solutions makes companies fight for the most experienced specialists in the industry, who can offer them the best possible employment conditions. Interestingly, technologies that were niche a few years ago have now become extremely desirable. Hence the high salaries of specialists in artificial intelligence, big data or cybersecurity.

However, these are only median earnings, and what do the best paying technologies look like in individual cases? There are offers in which Technical Business Analyst specialists can count on earnings of PLN 33,000. PLN to PLN 39 thousand PLN net + VAT, Senior Swift Developer – from PLN 38 thousand to PLN 42 thousand PLN net + VAT, and Senior Data Architect (works in MongoDB technology) from 45 thousand. up to PLN 50,000 net + VAT per month.

Currently, there are many roads leading to IT. Besides the obvious path, i.e. IT studies, you can go through the process of new industry and/or complete a course, participate in boot camps, and even be self-taught. The key to success lies in the right approach. You need to follow the IT job market and focus on categories that gain popularity every year: testing, business analytics, big data, cybersecurity or blockchain.

Top 7 Zawodów Inżynierskich, Które Zagwarantują Atrakcyjne Zarobki I Stabilne Zatrudnienie

Currently, the most common requirements for junior positions are Java – 29% of advertisements, .Net – 16.2% and JavaScript – 14.8%. There are slightly fewer ads with SQL – 13.8%, HTML and CSS – 11.5%, Python – 11.2% and PHO – 10.6%. On the other hand, the demand for React is much less – 4.4% of ads, Angular – 3.8%, Selenium – 3.4%, C++ – 3.2% and Android 2.6%.

The salaries offered in the report are non-monthly rates on a B2B contract. The presented salary statements are the medians of the upper and lower ranges offered in the IT job advertisements on the No Fluff Jobs portal, published from January to July 2021. and biogas cultivation. It works great in very weak, weak, medium and good positions.

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Brakuje Ponad 50 Tys. Pracowników W Branży It! No Fluff Jobs Podsumowuje 3. Kwartał 👉

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DKC3204 Corn seeds are treated with Redigo M fungicide. The product actively protects against a complex of fungi of the genus Fusarium spp. and Phytium spp., which are the culprits of gangrenous diseases that attack maize in the early stages of development. IT specialists are constantly increasing. Therefore, No Fluff Jobs, a portal with advertising addressed to them, decided to check how the medians of their salaries were formed in 2021, divided by technology – which were the most and which were the least profitable. It turns out that cybersecurity specialists can count on earnings of up to PLN 23,000 this year. PLN + VAT. In turn, Senior Data Architects working in the niche MongoDB technology can count on income of up to PLN 50,000. PLN net + VAT.

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The No Fluff Jobs portal, based on the published ads, compiled a list of ten best-paid categories in the IT industry in the period from January to July 2021 – due to the fact that the B2B contract is more preferred by IT. Specialists, there is more flexibility and opportunity income higher by approx. 3-4 thousand. PLN compared to the employment contract, they were analyzed in terms of this form of work.

It includes people working in the following categories: Security (PLN 18, 9-23, 1 thousand net + VAT), Artificial Intelligence (PLN 17-23 thousand net + VAT), Business Intelligence (PLN 16, 8-22 thousand net + VAT), DevOps (PLN 16.8-22 thousand net + VAT), Big Data (PLN 15.1-21.8 thousand net + VAT), Mobile (PLN 14.7-20 thousand net + VAT), Backend (PLN 14-20 thousand Net + VAT) ), Fullstack (PLN 14-20 thousand Net + VAT), Agile (PLN 15, 1-19, 3 thousand Net + VAT) and Project Manager (14-20 thousand PLN Net + VAT) PLN 18.9 thousand net + VAT).

The lower paid categories that were outside the top ten, according to No Fluff Jobs, are: Frontend (PLN 13-18.9 thousand net + VAT), Embedded (PLN 11-18.4 thousand net + VAT), IT Administration (PLN 13-18) thousand net + VAT), Gaming (PLN 8-17.6 thousand net + VAT), Business Analysis (PLN 13.4-17 thousand net + VAT), Product Management (PLN 13-17 thousand net + VAT), + VAT ), UX (PLN 10-14 thousand net + VAT) and IT support (PLN 8.5-12.6 thousand net + VAT). Tomasz Bujok, CEO of No Fluff Jobs, however, emphasizes that there are positions where salaries reach up to PLN 50,000. PLN net + VAT.

–  Demand for IT solutions makes companies fight for the experienced specialists in the industry who offer them the best possible employment conditions. Interestingly, technologies that were niche a few years ago have now become extremely desirable. Hence the high salaries of specialists in artificial intelligence, big data or cybersecurity – says Tomasz Bujok, CEO of No Fluff Jobs. – The maximum salary in the IT industry is usually around PLN 18-20 thousand. PLN net (+ VAT) on B2B and about 3-4 thousand. PLN gross less for UoP. However, there are offers with a much higher salary, although there are not many of them. They concern positions such as Technical Business Analyst, whose range oscillates between 33-39 thousand. PLN net + VAT, senior Swift developer – 38-42 thousand. PLN net + VAT or Senior Data Architect (MongoDB) – 45-50 thousand. PLN net + VAT.

Dlaczego Każdy Powinien Nauczyć Się Power Bi?

Choosing the right path in IT is often a problem for those who want to enter the industry. According to Fluff Jobs, check which technologies have appeared the most this year as requirements for juniors, so take their first steps in it. This turned out to be Java (29%), .Net (16.2%) and JavaScript (14.8%). SQL (13.8 percent), HTML and CSS (11.5 percent), Python (11.2 percent) and PHP (10.6 percent) were off the podium. Beginners who want to develop in technologies such as React (4.4%), Angular (3.8%), Selenium (3.4%), C++ (3.2%) and Android (2.6%). Marek Psiuk, CTO

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