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Discover the ten best work-from-home jobs as we delve into flexible telecommuting career options.

Business Intelligence Developer Tasks Distant

With many companies clinging to telecommuting flexibility in the wake of the pandemic, working remotely has never seemed more achievable. What was once a rare luxury is now commonplace in many industries. But what options are there when it comes to working from home?

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Despite the current economic instability, there are still plenty of in-demand jobs that allow you to work from home or wherever you want to make your office for the day. Here’s our pick of the ten best telecommuting career options.

If you’re lucky enough to already be fluent in a foreign language, teaching others is an easy way to connect with people and work flexibly. Lessons can easily be conducted via video call, and learning materials can be sent via email.

Italki is a good platform to share your skills with others, allowing you to offer foreign language lessons to students from the comfort of your own home, whether you want to provide formal lessons or just a casual chat.

If you are interested in teaching English to foreign students, you can also take TEFL teaching courses.

Types Of Similarity And Dissimilarity Measures Used In Data Science.

With the job market shrinking but higher education numbers holding steady, the number of overqualified workers is higher than ever. If you feel you’d like to put your academic knowledge to good use – and avoid rush hour – online tutoring could be a great way to go.

Websites like Tutorful offer £20-30 an hour for tutors, while sites like Gumtree are also perfect for advertising your services, whether you want to tutor school children or students.

If you want to learn more about best practices for teaching adults online, the Open University has an excellent microcredit that explores this topic.

Online video content is now an integral part of many of our daily lives, with more streaming platforms than ever before. Writers never have to leave their home office, and there is now a huge demand for good writers to match the global clamor for video content.

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Even better – you can start building a writing portfolio remotely without ever setting foot on set. The BBC even has a useful directory of opportunities for new writers.

Knowing your way around a camera is an in-demand skill, especially as more and more content migrates to the Internet. Employers are increasingly looking for photographers and videographers to document their business and inform customers via social media. Meanwhile, image providers like Shutterstock are always looking for high-quality images.

Once you have a camera and some basic video or photo editing software, you’re halfway there. To take it to the next level, the Open University’s popular “Digital Photography” microcredits are an expert guide to creating a professional portfolio.

If you’re known as the resident meme creator or social sharer in your friend group, have you considered making a living at the forefront of social media?

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One of the benefits of working with social media is that you are ready to work as long as you have access to your phone and laptop. Social media managers and executives all start out with a passion for creating online content, and their roles allow them to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

For starters, the University of Leeds and the Coding Institute have a course to help you learn how to create a successful social media campaign. Or you can discover how to use social media for business with Accenture’s Digital Skills short course.

When you work with computers, your office is wherever your laptop is. Development is one of the best jobs to work remotely while also offering the potential to earn an incredibly high salary.

The University of Leeds and the Coding Institute have the perfect series of courses designed to give you introductory development and coding skills. You can learn the basics of computer programming or learn to code for the web – training that could set you on the path to a successful remote programming career.

Cash App Careers

For anyone with a gift for the gab – or a vague passion to share – it could be an easier way to start a media career from home than the more competitive, image-focused world of YouTube and vlogging.

Our Open University Podcast Creation and Distribution course is designed to give you the essential skills you need to start your own podcast – from recording to publishing and more.

Copywriting really is a remote job – all you need, after all, is a laptop and a love of language. Even in offices, copywriters are often “hot desked” – moving from place to place to write depending on who they’re working with – so working completely remotely is the next logical step.

Services like Copify are always looking for writers to contribute to blogs, SEO, and product descriptions. Once you’ve gained some basic experience, you can consider applying to be an in-house writer for a company with an in-house marketing team – depending on the company, these roles often allow you to work from home.

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You can also browse our range of writing courses, designed to help you improve your writing. Gain vital business skills to establish yourself as a professional freelancer with our Survive & Thrive as Creative Freelancer course.

Surprisingly, the best telecommuting job might even be the one you have right now. Although many employers have widely embraced working from home, some are still unwilling to fully embrace digital technologies and the full potential of remote work.

Knowing the latest digital trends – and understanding the future of work – could help you convince your employer how remote work could benefit your business, and give your employees the skills to help them thrive in the future.

The Coding Institute and the University of Leeds have created a course on current digital trends in the workplace that will enable you to learn why digital remote working is the way to go.

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With the rise of digital marketplaces – and the peer-to-peer economy – there’s no reason why your home passion can’t turn into a remote business.

For example, if you’re a foodie, starting a home baking business could be a great way to work remotely – especially with home delivery in high demand.

All you need is the right equipment, great ingredients and a love for colorful cakes. Check out our ExpertTrack Become a Successful Baker from BBC Good Food to build key baking skills.

And if you’re handy, selling your homemade products on Etsy could also be a viable remote career. From gift cards, to clothing and accessories, Etsy is ideal for all things sweet and crafty. Check out their beginner’s guide for more information. Our article How to Sell Art Online offers an in-depth look at different ways to profit from handmade goods.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Platform

Whether you’re choosing a podcast topic or brainstorming ideas for selling handmade goods, we hope this list of the best telecommuting jobs has helped inspire you to get started.

For even more ways to make money remotely, explore our blog on the best ways you can

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