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Business Intelligence Developer Ottawa College – Since August 2014, the Faculty of Arts & Sciences has awarded a Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Technology for University of Ottawa students to master extraction methods for pulling data from various streams. Steven Boese, a 120-unit degree taught in Kansas and online through Blackboard to launch an entry-level analyst career in a global market poised to reach $260 billion by 2022. Required courses such as Lean Six Sigma, Network Security, Information Forensics, and Introduction to Databases feature ratios 12:1 learner-faculty for personalized mentoring. The Career Services Department can arrange 14-week internship assignments for credit, including McKinsey, Micron Technology, Unilever, Intel, Oracle, Capital One, and Nuvento. Graduates can enter the ACBSP-accredited Angell Snyder School of Business for the Executive MBA Concentration in Information Technology. The Terry Haines, 42-credit option has eight weeks of online modules, such as Data Analytics and Cloud Computing, conducted over one weekend in Overland Park, Phoenix, or Brookfield with 90 hours of practicum.

The University of Ottawa was founded in 1860 when Revs. John Tecumseh Jones and Jotham Meeker worked with the Ottawa Tribe to establish the First Baptist Church along the Marais des Cygnes. On August 20, 1862, the Baptist State Convention utilized a donation of 5,000 acres to officially establish Roger Williams College. Slightly delayed by the Civil War, the university became the University of Ottawa in 1865 and established its first Tauy Jones Hall four years later. In 1905, Ottawa signed an agreement with the American Baptist Church USA for Christ-centered schools. During the 1970s, the University of Ottawa transformed itself into a pioneer in adult education. Before launching OU Online in 2008, Ottawa had added centers from Phoenix to Jeffersonville and beyond. Notably, the Executive Master of Business Administration began being accepted in 2001. Endowed with $15.3 million, the University of Ottawa now enrolls more than 4,000 Braves, including B.S. majoring in Data Science and Technology, as a member of KCAC with 30+ clubs.

Business Intelligence Developer Ottawa College

U.S. News & World Report ranked the University of Ottawa as the 44th best Midwest school with 62 percent retention. On Niche, Ottawa boasts the 397th most difficult academics in America, the 582nd most liberal courses, the 604th best dorms, and the 680th safest neighborhoods. College Choice selected Ottawa as the 21st best university in Kansas. College Factual ranked Ottawa as the 123rd most focused business school and the 98th best information science program. Washington Monthly awarded the University of Ottawa the 118th best baccalaureate studies and the 204th highest graduation rate. In 2018, the Data Science Degree Program placed a B.S. ranked 17th nationally. Forbes named Ottawa’s Kansas City Metro the 49th best place for business and the 95th fastest growing city. The Economist praised the University of Ottawa for the 181st best value-added education. PayScale lists the 658th highest mid-career median salary as $89,900 in Ottawa.

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On February 13, 2018, the University of Ottawa applied for an interim comprehensive evaluation by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association (HLC-NCA) to maintain Level III accreditation in good standing through 2023 under its 21st president, Dr. Kevin C. Eichner, the co-founder of Corporate Financial Services Company. Located 564 miles northeast via Interstate 55 in Chicago, this 19-state Great Plains giant accreditation is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to evaluate 36 baccalaureate, seven master’s and four certificate offerings from Andover to Queen Creek or online in Ottawa. Belonging to the Midwestern Council Region 5, the Angell Snyder School of Business was also approved by the Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) in 2016.

Attending the University of Ottawa was classified “moderately difficult” by Peterson despite a 97 per cent acceptance rate that allowed 1,689 of 1,732 Fall 2017 applicants admission. The first-year Braves started B.S. in Data Science and Technology must culminate in an accredited high school or home school program. Four units of English, three units of Mathematics and three units of Science are preferred. GED recipients qualify with a minimum combined score of 450. A cumulative GPA of 2.0 is expected, but the median is 3.28. On average, Ottawa freshmen show a 1010 SAT or 21 ACT score. The Office of Admissions strives for a course completion rate above 70 percent for college transfers of 12-90 credits. International students verify English language skills with a TOEFL score of more than 79 (internet) or 550 (paper). Participants in the Executive MBA Concentration in Information Technology require a four-year bachelor’s degree with prerequisites in Accounting and Economics. GMAT scores are optional, but a GPA of 3.0 or higher is not. Executives must also have five years of full-time business experience.

Ottawa University helps “Prepare for a Life That Matters” with a streamlined, deadline-free admissions process that occurs throughout the year. Bachelor of Science candidates majoring in Data Science and Technology submit their $25 application online using the OUKS Portal. Executive MBA candidates also submit a $75 Graduate School application digitally. Official high school or undergraduate transcripts can be sent to 1001 South Cedar Street Suite 17 in Ottawa, KS 66067. Additional items uploaded include a two-page career development essay, current resume, three letters of recommendation, ACT/SAT scores, and a list of professional recognitions. Please contact (800) 755-5200 or [email protected] for further questions.

For the 2018-19 year, the University of Ottawa is billing B.S. in Data Science and Technology major $14,205 each semester or $28,410 per year. Part-time study in Kansas costs $1,185 per credit. Summer School is significantly discounted at $595 per credit. Living in an Ottawa campus residence like Martin Hall adds $3,680 to $8,300 per year to housing. The all-access dining plan for Hetrick Bistro costs $5,650. The budget includes a facilities fee of $260, a student support fee of $780, a technology fee of $240, and an athletic participation fee of $580. Traditional bachelor attendance equals $42,410 on site or $32,640 with family. BS Online courses charge $499 per credit for a four year total of $59,880. The Executive MBA Concentration in Information Technology is priced at $4,860 per semester or $29,160 overall.

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According to the NCES College Navigator, the Office of Financial Aid distributes $11.48 million per year to 100 per cent of the Ottawa Braves’ full-time employees for land aid at an average of $17,947. Institutional funds include the Ottawa Indian Award, Life of Significance Award, Alumni Impact Scholarship, Franklin County High Achiever Scholarship, Provost Scholarship, Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship, Brothers Award, American Baptist Church Award, and Project Lead the Way Scholarship. The full-tuition Best Scholarship Competition is open to high school students who achieve a 3.5 GPA or 25 ACT score. Discounts are available through the Employee Educational Partnership with 15 companies, such as Gentiva, PerkSpot, Mazuma Credit Union, and Wheaton Franciscan. FAFSA applications with code 001937 by March 15 may qualify for a Federal Pell or Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. Kansas residents can claim a Comprehensive Grant, Ethnic Minority Scholarship, or Military Service Scholarship. Post-9/11 GI Bill benefit coverage is $24,113 for veterans. Ottawa students also sign Promissory Notes for Federal Subsidized, Unsubsidized and Graduate Plus loans. I completed my training/education at: Athabasca University, B.Sc. Computing and Information Systems (I was in another unrelated college program before.)

At any given time, I have several projects going on. As a result, a typical day is a juggling act for me. Most of the work I do involves the use of databases and computer software. I create computer systems that extract information from one place to use in another way. For example, I collect data to create reports that support business decision making.

When I start working on a new project, I go through a cycle that starts with discovering what my client needs. From here, I design and build software solutions for them. I then worked with them to test my solution, making any changes requested. The final step was to release my solution for use. Sometimes I work on updates or improvements to existing software. Always, I fix problems as they arise.

The word “solution” is a bit vague and is a general expression. Sometimes the work I do is to create tools that will retrieve and store data. This data is used for reporting and analysis. Sometimes I actually do reports. When I do this, I spend time thinking about which fonts and colors I want to use or how I want to lay everything out.

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My computer science and mathematics background is essential to what I do. This background gives me insight into how best to approach each problem I have to solve. In computing there is rarely only one solution to a problem. Having a solid understanding of how things work can enable you to build things better. Making things “better” means programs run faster, data takes up less space on the computer, and reports are created in a way that is most beneficial to the clients who use them.

I do a lot of my own development work, but I work as part of an amazing team of talented professionals. We all have different specialties and often we meet each other to solve problems or ask for advice. It’s a very collaborative environment. I love it because there is always something new you can learn in technology. Many people think that my job means I’m just stuck behind a computer and hiding from other people all day. That’s not possible

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