Business Intelligence Developer Income San Antonio

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Business Intelligence Developer Income San Antonio – Average business intelligence developer salary$92,540 To create our salary estimates, start with data published in publicly available sources such as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Foreign Labor Certification Data Center (FLC) Show More

The average salary for a business intelligence developer in the United States is $92,540. Business intelligence developer salaries typically range between $70,000 and $121,000 per year. The average hourly rate for a business intelligence developer is $44.49 per hour. Business intelligence developer salaries are influenced by location, education, and experience. Business intelligence developers earned the highest average salaries in Washington, California, Oregon, New York, and Nevada.

Business Intelligence Developer Income San Antonio

The average salary for business intelligence developers in Washington, California, and Oregon is the highest in the US. The lowest average business intelligence developer salaries in the states are Arkansas, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

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Business intelligence developer salaries at Meta and Apple are the highest salaries according to our latest salary estimates. Additionally, the average salary for accountants at companies like Google and Ropes & Gray is very competitive.

The average salary of a business intelligence developer varies between industries: The average salary of a business intelligence developer in the healthcare industry is $92,515, the highest of any industry. The average salary for a business intelligence developer in the financial industry is $92,137. Business intelligence developers in the real estate industry earned a median salary of $88,531, the lowest of any industry.

Washington pays Business Intelligence Developers the most in the United States, with an average salary of $110,901 per year, or $53.32 per hour.

You know whether you are being paid fairly as a Business Intelligence Developer if your salary is close to the average salary in the state where you live. For example, if you live in California, you should be paid closer to $109,094 per year. Tech salaries revealed: Here’s how much developers, engineers, and product managers at Google, Apple, Meta, and Amazon make

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Although many large US technology companies experienced layoffs at the start of this year, they have bounced back as they posted impressive growth.

In March, the technology industry association CompTIA reported that the projected rate of employment in technology over the next decade was nearly double the national employment rate. They project there will be more than 270,000 new jobs in the technology sector this year.

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Companies are required to disclose information including salaries (or, in some cases, salary ranges) when they hire foreign workers under the H-1B visa program, providing an idea of ​​how much the tech giants are willing to spend on talent.

So, to find out what salaries are like in the industry today, Insider analyzed US Foreign Employment Certification Office disclosure data for permanent and temporary foreign workers to find out which companies are paying employees in key positions, including engineers, designers, and foreign workers. and sales force.

When you’re done examining this industry data, take a look at Insider’s searchable database of over 250,000 salaries from over 250 companies so you can find out how much you should be paid.

A software engineer was offered $325,000, and a senior vice president recently received an annual salary of $1,000,000, according to visa application data. And according to leaked salary data, a software engineer is paid $718,000, and an engineering manager is paid $400,000.

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The company’s Cloud business is aggressively building its workforce in an effort to catch up to larger cloud competitors Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Amazon continues to recruit technical and business talent to support its dominant e-commerce and cloud computing businesses. But these days, most employees are required to return to the office or move to their team’s nearest office, making RTO exceptions rare.

Insider reviewed data on H-1B visa applications Amazon filed in 2022 to reveal how much it pays software developers, data scientists, marketers, salespeople, business analysts, and more. The most senior software development engineers can earn nearly $300,000, and senior software development managers can earn up to $340,000.

Amazon’s cloud unit, now run by Adam Selipsky, continues to recruit technical and business talent to support its dominant cloud computing business.

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Insider reviewed data on H-1B visa applications submitted by Amazon’s cloud unit in 2022 to reveal how much it paid software developers, data scientists, marketers, salespeople, business analysts and more. The highest-paid employees, according to the data, can earn a base salary of as much as $261,500.

Apple closed another successful year in September 2022, generating $394.3 billion in revenue from sales of iPhones, iPads, Macs and other devices and services.

Apple became the first company to reach a market value of $3 trillion last year after being the first company to hit the $1 trillion and $2 trillion marks — and it’s recruiting a cadre of visa-holding overseas workers to help with that.

The highest paid person in the second quarter 2022 work visa application data was a senior director who was offered $415,000

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See the salaries Apple pays for positions such as software developers, electrical engineers, computer and information systems managers, and statisticians.

Apple’s advertising is legendary, and its broader marketing efforts are integral to the company’s success. The iPhone maker regularly gets attention for its cinematic campaigns. This company sponsors visas for a variety of high-paying marketing jobs.

Here are the salaries of advertising and marketing focused roles at Apple and other tech giants including Airbnb and Facebook.

Increased demand for hardware during the pandemic has resulted in record revenues for companies like Dell despite supply chain issues. Some employees raked in nearly $200,000 for their roles in the company’s boom.

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Although workers at senior levels tend to earn the highest, Insider’s analysis of 381 H-1B visas approved for Dell workers found that a Texas-based technical staff member in software engineering earned $198,083.

These are the highest salaries, but many other roles in engineering, analyst, and sales positions earn at least six figures — with exceptions, such as some business analysts and sales.

DoorDash services have become a staple for households across the country. The company is starting to rapidly deliver groceries and expand overseas, and has been working to attract the right employees to fulfill its growing ambitions.

A software engineer at DoorDash can earn an annual salary of more than $245,000, according to compensation data compiled by Insider. And computer and information systems managers

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High salaries across technical and business roles reflect the company’s need to attract talent as it competes with large competitors.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s next step, through partnerships such as with networking startup Pensando, is to develop hardware that will help companies process data close to home.

They invest heavily in their staff to do this. Insider analyzed approved visas for HPE workers and found software employees across California, North Carolina, and Texas consistently earned $160,000 to $232,259.

Under CEO Arvind Krishna, IBM is trying to reinvent itself for the cloud computing era, dominated so far by Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba and Google.

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IBM’s 2019 purchase of open source software company Red Hat for $34 billion was a watershed moment as the company bet big on hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence. Part of IBM’s reinvention includes expanding its 350,000-person employee base to add engineering talent in cloud, hybrid cloud and AI, as well as in areas such as strategy, consulting and business analytics.

Insider analyzed the 241 H-1B visas IBM applied for in 2021 to find out how much it paid to engineers, business analysts and consultants, digital strategists, and more. IBM’s highest-paid employees can earn a base salary of $335,000, according to the data.

An engineering manager earns a salary of $240,000; senior software engineers earn more than $190,000. On the business side, an account executive makes $160,000.

Intel is battling slowing revenue growth, shrinking margins and increasing competition from Taiwan Semiconductor, AMD, Nvidia and others.

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There is also a semiconductor shortage to overcome, while big customers like Apple are designing their own chips.

For all this, Intel relies on scientists, researchers, managers, marketers, and various types of software and hardware engineers.

The highest paid people in the work visa application data set from the second quarter of 2022 were two engineering managers in California who were each offered $263,952.

The following is a glance at the salaries that Intel pays to some of its employees, based on the role of the visa application submitted by the company to the authorities.

Salary: Business Intelligence Analyst (sep, 2023) Us

Lyft may be the number two ridesharing company by revenue, but its employee salaries are still on par with number one competitor, Uber.

Engineers at Lyft — depending on specialty — can earn between $122,000 and $189,100, with engineering managers earning $235,654. ​​The averages are based on an insider analysis of salary data from the US Office of Foreign Employment Certification.

Employees of Meta, formerly known as Facebook, have consistently managed to reach those six figures. Software engineer

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