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Business Intelligence Developer Income Canada – Professional IT Recruiter for product technology companies with over 10 years of experience. Recruiting senior engineers in Eastern Europe.

Business Intelligence Developer is a prestigious and in-demand role among product technology companies with tremendous growth. These experts operate with large databases by gathering, analyzing and interpreting information that facilitates profitable business processes. Because decision-making depends on highly effective data analysis, companies seek the best experts from different regions and countries. Continue reading this article to explore the salary range of business intelligence developers around the world and find out the best destinations to hire them!

Business Intelligence Developer Income Canada

Today, BI trends continue to evolve, providing large tech companies with analytical solutions to improve KPIs, profit margins and customer acquisition. Forecasts for the business intelligence market are optimistic enough: by 2025, the market size could reach $33.3 billion. With the rapid development of technology, there are many innovations in the future when it comes to BI: prescriptive analytics, BI using NLP (n language processing) and data management. As BI is used in different industries such as healthcare, finance, education systems and IT, the demand for experts is increasing. Some of the most popular job boards have many job postings for business media developers (as of June 2022). For example, Glassdoor has more than 5,600 job vacancies. Indeed, there are more than 14,000 job openings for BI professionals in the United States alone. About 57% of IT companies with more than 10,000 employees are looking for BI developers, making them key roles in large tech companies.

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As you can see, the BI market is booming as more and more technology companies look to business intelligence talent to join their teams. To attract the best talent and manage the hiring process, technology companies choose experienced recruitment service providers. For example, Dotmatics is an American product company that develops scientific software that connects science, data and decision making. They chose to outsource the recruitment process to a trusted partner. The result exceeded all expectations: they built a team of 30 technical talents within a year! Moreover, most positions are filled with first-come, first-served candidates, and the desired IT professionals can be hired quickly.

Experience is one of the most critical determinants of BI developer income. A skilled professional should have BI tools, DB/DBA background, SQL knowledge and ability to work with enterprise cloud storage and Power BI. Soft skills aren’t left out either – these programmers may have analytical thinking, a good memory, attention to detail, and strong interpersonal skills.

Another factor you should consider is experience, as the pay rate increases with seniority. Minors should have 1-3 years of technical experience, middle-level programmers should have 3-5 years, and senior BI programmers should have more than 5 years. IT employers also consider a graduate degree (a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is preferred). They also prefer candidates with several years of background experience and knowledge of SQL (SSRS and SSIS). Such specialists may demand higher rates of pay.

It is not appropriate to link the salaries of business intelligence developers by country or region. Since salaries vary significantly, this can be an important factor to consider before deciding where to hire a BI developer. For example, the US offers an average salary of $111K per year for the average business intelligence engineer, while their Polish counterparts earn only $39K per year.

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My team collected data from sources like SalaryExpert, Glassdoor, and Talent. com to compile the table below. It covers the annual salary of a business intelligence developer in major regions of the world.

Note: All currencies are converted to US dollars at July 2022 exchange rates. All wages are inclusive of tax.

Business media developer salar y in the US is the highest region. With an average salary range of $82K to $165K, BI directors earn the most.

Canadian wages are generous enough, but still lower than the US. Annual salary ranges from $54K to $112K.

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The country offers the lowest compensation in North America. Entry-level BI specialists in Mexico only make $19K-$24K per year, while seniors make $33K-$44K.

According to this business press report, the salary for developers in Brazil is estimated at $15K – $35K per year. A BI director position is the best paying while BI developers earn the least.

Argentinian specialists are paid less than their Brazilian counterparts. On average, business intelligence developers make only $13K to $30K per year.

BI professionals from the UK earn a fairly competitive annual salary: $45K – $75K. This number varies from country to country. BI Developers from the UK earn the highest salary at $53K-$75K, while their counterparts in Northern Ireland earn the lowest at $45-69K.

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Germany offers great compensation in business intelligence. Salary for BI developers in this country is $52K – $72K per year.

Developers from France earn slightly less than Germany: $58K for a BI Database Engineer and $67K for a BI Director.

Italy offers relatively low wage rates compared to other European countries. Hiring a BI expert in this country will cost you $43K – $60K per year depending on seniority level and location.

Spain’s entry-level tech talent earns the lowest in the region: less than $60K a year. The highest paying position is BI Manager at $58K.

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Business media developers from Norway earn around $57K-$70K per year. BI Architects and BI Database Engineers have roughly the same salary, with BI Directors tending to earn the most.

When it comes to business information developer jobs, the Netherlands offers slightly more than Norway – a BI architect salary is $54K-$75K, and a BI database engineer is $50K-$70K.

Various BI experts from Sweden earn around $50-70K per year. As in the rest of Europe, BI directors earn the most – $65K – $75K.

The salary range for business intelligence developers in Austria is quite reasonable: 48 K – 70 K. It is worth noting that BI directors and architects earn the same compensation, while BI database engineers earn less.

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IT companies in Poland offer the second highest salary range in Eastern Europe: $40K – $55K. Salaries for architects and database engineers are roughly the same.

BI Architects and Database Engineers salary in Hungary is $32K-$40K. Business media directors earn the most – $35K-$55K per year.

Salaries in Romania are close to Ukraine: $30K-40K per year. As usual, BI directors earn the most: $35K-$45K.

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Salary in China starts at $39K for a BI Database Engineer with 1-3 years of experience. BI Directors with 5+ years of experience earn about $100K per year.

The salary of B reference software developers in India is the lowest in the region. Entry-level professionals earn $14K – $27K, while senior professionals earn $50K per year.

Israel has a lot to offer BI experts as salaries range from $61K to $100K. Business news directors are paid the most generous compensation: around $100 a year. BI Architects and Data Engineers earn almost the same amount.

In Australia, salaries for senior business intelligence developers range from $100K to $140K per year. Salaries for entry-level developers start at $65K, and mid-level specialists earn $80K-$95K.

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As salaries vary greatly around the world, many IT product companies in the US have decided to hire foreign developers due to favorable pay rates. One of the most popular destinations for this purpose is Eastern Europe. The main reasons why tech entrepreneurs choose this region are:

As you can see, average business media developer salaries in Eastern Europe are significantly lower than those in the US or Asia. For example: 3 mid-level Business Intelligence database engineers in the US will cost you $315K per year, while in Poland you can hire 8 for the same amount!

Countries like Poland, Ukraine, and Romania boast more than 580,000 technical experts. Hungary has 80,000 software developers, and the Czech Republic has 95,000. In total, about 1M programmers live in Eastern European countries.

Most of the IT experts from Ukraine, Poland and Romania studied computer science or mathematics. For example, information technology is the most popular field of study in Poland in 2020 – more than 33,000 applicants decided to pursue a degree in IT. While in Ukraine,

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