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Data-driven Insight Outsmarts the Competition Harness the power of data. An integrated reporting platform for creating, distributing, and managing reports and dashboards

Business Intelligence Developer Features

JasperReports reporting engine that takes raw data and turns it into beautifully rendered reports and data visualizations.

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One of the greatest strengths of JasperReports software is its versatility. Whether designing a printed report, a PDF document, or an interactive data visualization embedded in a web page, it renders data in any format necessary to meet your needs.

Data is a goldmine and it’s all around you. Understand your company’s performance compared to your competitors, predict Client behavior with advanced data-driven insights. At NarraTree, we’ll help you implement the right technology to meet your goals, from increasing sales to improving order management, to predicting Client behavior.

Modify, integrate, and apply business logic to data; and secure, filter, format, and present the resulting dashboards, reports, and analyzes to users. Create interactive and analytic content using built-in features, including hundreds of HTML5 charts, gadgets, and maps; commercial data drivers; a metadata layer; cube design and caching.

W Why NarraTree? Our Clients choose us because we provide leading edge technology, deliver unmatched service and training, and offer some of the best value in the industry. Regardless of project size and complexity, we strive to provide our Clients with superior technology, and unmatched services delivered within a flexible and cost-effective business model that meets our Client’s needs. Predict the Future of Your Business with NarraTree. Find out more

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NarraTree Consulting (S) Pte Ltd. is a provider of information technology solutions serving businesses. We provide strategic advice on using technology to achieve goals. At NarraTree, we take a high-level view of an organization’s problems, identify areas for improvement and make recommendations in the most effective way possible. This chapter describes how to get started with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and explains how to sign in , sign out, and navigate in Oracle BI EE . It also describes the Home page, the global header, how to act for others, how to set preferences, and how Oracle BI EE interacts with other products.

Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (sometimes referred to as Oracle Business Intelligence) provides a full range of business intelligence capabilities that enable you to:

The illustration shows a portion of an example dashboard that displays organizational data in easy-to-understand formats (tiles, tables, graphs, and so on).

These areas of Oracle BI EE (that is, Analyzes, Agents, Dashboards, and so on) are sometimes referred to as Presentation Services.

The Ultimate Power Bi Licensing Guide

You use the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog to store objects, such as analyses, dashboards, and KPIs, that you and other users create using Oracle BI EE.

Users have their own personal folder (My Folders), where they can store the things they create. You can access objects in a personal folder and save the content in that folder. Users can add sub-folders to their personal folders to organize their content in a way that is most logical to them.

You can also store objects in shared folders where other users or groups can access the objects. A combination of business logic security, catalog object security, and data-level security determines who can view data and objects, edit objects, and delete objects from the catalog. Your administrator creates and maintains the shared catalog folder structure.

See What is Oracle BI Presentation Catalog?, Managing Oracle BI Presentation Catalog Objects, and Configuring and Managing Oracle BI Presentation Catalog in the System Administrator’s Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

What Is Business Intelligence (bi)?

To access Oracle BI EE, you use a URL, user ID, and password provided by your organization. Make sure your web browser is set to accept cookies to track signed-in sessions.

You may not be prompted to enter values ​​in all fields of the Sign In page if you are already signed on using single sign-on (SSO).

After signing in to Oracle BI EE, you will be presented with one of the following pages, depending on what is configured for you:

This page is your starting point for working with Oracle BI EE. You’ll find reviews, dashboards, and other things you access frequently on the Home page. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, enter the name of the item in the Search box at the top of the page. Or click the Catalog link to explore all available content. As you work, you can use the global header and the Home page as the main ways to navigate through Oracle BI EE:

Introducing Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

After you access the starting point of a task, the interface shows you the page, dialog, or editor you use to execute the task.

Do not use the browser’s Back button to navigate to Oracle BI EE, unless no other method of navigation is available. The browser’s Back button may not retain the state of the dashboard upon return. Breadcrumbs are the recommended navigation strategy. See About Navigating Using Breadcrumbs.

The Home page is divided into sections that allow you to start a specific task or search for something. It also includes sections (for example, Recent and Favorites) that allow you to access items you’ve recently viewed, created, or updated, and items that users access most often. assigned to the groups to which you belong.

Depending on what is configured as your start page, you may be shown the Home page when you sign in to Oracle BI EE.

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Otherwise, you can always navigate to the Home page by clicking the Home page link in the global header. For information on the global header, see What is the Oracle BI EE Global Header?

The New Home Page provides a way to easily work on Data Visualization (DV) projects, analyses, and dashboards.

The New Home Page includes a variety of functions including BI Ask that lets you search, view, or create visualizations, analyses, and dashboards.

You can toggle from the New Home Page to the OBI Classic page by clicking Open OBI Classic. Use the OBI Classic page to create other things like alerts, prompts, and BIP Reports.

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Data Sources contain the data you use to create DV analyzes and projects. A data source can be either a subject area or a data set. You can create data sets by either uploading an Excel file or by creating a connection to Oracle BI Applications or to a database. See Workflow for Adding Data Sources.

The Display area provides several categories to help you quickly find reviews, dashboards, and DV projects stored in the catalog. Use My Folders or Shared Folders to browse the catalog. Or click the Favorites, Recents, DV Projects, Dashboards, or Analyzes category to quickly find something you recently viewed or a specific thing by type.

You can use keywords to search for items in the catalog. Type a search term in the Search content field or visualize to see a list of items that match your search criteria, and click on a row with a magnifying glass icon (located at the top of the dropdown window in the Search results containing section). See Search for Saved Projects and Visualizations.

You can use BI Ask to quickly combine existing data objects into an analysis. Type a search term in the Search content or visualize field to see a list of objects that match your search criteria, and click on a row with an object icon (found in Visualize data using the dropdown window section) to start building your visualization . See Visualizing Data with BI Ask.

Power Bi Projects Examples And Ideas For Practice

You can learn more about the New Home Page functions by clicking Academy to access the Oracle BI EE documentation library.

Folders and thumbnails for items you’ve recently used are displayed on the Home page. Use the search field to find other content.

Note that in the search field you can also use BI Ask to create spontaneous reminders. See Visualizing Data with BI Ask.

Use BI Ask to enter column names in the search field, select them, and quickly see a visualization containing those columns. You can use this functionality to perform impromptu visualizations without having to create a project first.

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You can use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard when searching. For example, you can specify *forecast to find all items that contain the word “forecast”. However, using two wildcards to further limit a search returns no results (for example, *forecast*).

When you search, use meaningful keywords. If you search using keywords like by, the, and in it returns no results. For example, if you want to enter into the search field to find two projects called “Estimated Monthly Sales by Product Category” and “Estimated Monthly Sales by Product Name,” then it will return no results.

If you use a comma in your search criteria, the search returns no results. For example, if you want to search for quarterly sales equivalents

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