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Business Intelligence Developer Cerner – As a Cerner customer, you enjoy an open, powerful, and data-rich EHR. What if you could extend this robust system by incorporating analytics directly into the clinician’s workflow?

Well, now you can. Qlik has developed the SMART Analytics Adapter, an API that allows you to integrate Qlik Sense Analytics dashboards directly within Cerner Millennium. No switching, no separate login. Dashboards and apps that incorporate more than just EMR data available within a patient record.

Business Intelligence Developer Cerner

And this access does not compromise privacy or security. The SMART Analytics adapter receives context from the user’s interaction within Cerner Millennium and enables the opening of dashboards, filtered by authentication rights defined by Millennium, to reflect the same set of patients or details that were being queried in the clinical record.

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This solution was presented at the CHC in Kansas City the week of October 9th. We have joined the Cerner Code Developer program and continue to work closely with Cerner to improve and validate the SMART Analytics adapter. This technology leverages SMART in FHIR and Cerner Ignite APIs.

We are pleased to have this solution validated by Cerner and featured in CHC. Get in touch today and start a conversation about how your organization can deliver integrated analytics to its clinical users.

Analytics and data visualization. spartan volunteer The opinions expressed are our own. Healthcare Industry Director at Snowflake. Vizlib, Qlik and Epic EHR.

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Efficient Big Data Capabilities Help Cerner Drive Needed Improvements Into Healthcare Outcomes

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The portfolio a data scientist got me JobSpoiler alert: It was surprisingly easy (and free) to do, we closely align with our clients to deliver the talent, quality and value they seek from their IT investments. Our strategic outsourcing business offers peace of mind. We handle your day-to-day IT operations and help you focus on what you do best: taking care of patients.

Mergers, staff shortages, declining reimbursements, pandemics, and changing consumer demands are likely putting incredible pressure on your organization. On top of that, you need extra capacity to go faster. To meet these and other challenges, you need a partner focused exclusively on health IT.

Your IT employees become partners led by an experienced on-site executive leader. We make sure their work aligns with your organization’s priorities and governance structure. Together, we create a new strategy to help you grow and compete.

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“We are all in and we are all in,” said Jonathan Curtright, CEO of University of Missouri Health Care. “When you have two organizations committed to each other, the magic we can do is truly amazing.”

Click on the bullets below to find out how we help you streamline your IT spend. In addition, this article of

Our fixed fee model takes the uncertainty out of your annual budgeting process. We eliminate redundant or inefficient software maintenance costs, simplify support and manage your IT solutions more holistically. By doing so, we can help improve the performance of your IT assets and lower your total cost of ownership. Ultimately, we position your IT department to be a competitive business advantage.

Family to accelerate technology adoption. “If we did it on our own, the capital investment was so intense the first two years that it was cost prohibitive,” Edwards said. “But in our relationship with , we can spread this out over time and still get the benefits immediately.”

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We are hiring an experienced executive to lead your IT team. This dedicated executive oversees your and non-solutions, leads the workforce and provides a single point of contact for your IT needs. These leaders have extensive healthcare experience. To ensure they have the right industry knowledge, our leaders participate in the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) CIO accreditation.

We also invest in your staff members, offering them extensive training and unique opportunities to grow their careers. Training and development strengthen your management and technical skills, increasing your value to your organization.

We can handle all of your IT applications, from your electronic health record to your gift shop cash register computer. By using a combination of the following 24x7x365 services, your on-premises IT team can spend more time focusing on strategic projects:

Relationship is our HDI certified help desk. Our well-trained associates answer questions about your computer systems and applications and not.

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, we manage a broad portfolio of non-apps. Our team performs comprehensive assessments and develops ways to reduce the scale (and cost) of your portfolio.

Technology Management: We help maintain your production environment, help with projects and provide on-call support. Additional services include technology monitoring, service changes, configuration and incident response.

Security management: Your organization has legal, regulatory and organizational requirements to ensure that your data and systems are secure. We help your organization stay compliant.

Organization, faces multiple obstacles to a paperless electronic health record (EHR): vendors prioritizing paper charts, duplicating paper documents, system upgrades, connectivity, and items that require physical signatures.

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University of Missouri Health Care received the 2021 HIMSS Enterprise Davies Award, the second award for the Columbia, Missouri-based company.

Client in Davenport, Iowa: Joined the University of Iowa Health Alliance Accountable Care Organization (ACO) in 2015. The goal: to improve patient care by limiting unnecessary expenses.

Customer Truman Medical Centers/University Health (TMC/UH) has long known about excessive pop-up alerts related to clinical medication decision support (mCDS).

While many healthcare organizations host large vaccination events, ITWorks℠ client Truman Medical Centers/University Health (TMC/UH) in Kansas City, Missouri, is taking its vaccine rollout strategy a step further.

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In January 2020. Not long after, the COVID-19 pandemic began and Montgomery became a major hotbed of cases in the South. Within months, the hospital was overcapacity, at one point reaching 172% capacity.

In this episode, Christy Dueck, vice president and general manager of research, leads a conversation with John Potthoff, CEO of Elligo Health Research, and Scott Rogers, chief innovation officer of CoxHealth, about how diverse community hospitals are a lifeline to save clinical research and can help increase patient confidence and reduce disparities.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, governments reacted with lockdowns and people stayed at home to prevent the spread of the virus.

Vaccines against COVID-19: progression and challenges facing health systems to prepare for the next phase of COVID-19 and vaccine delivery.

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Rapid implementation helps Adventist Health manage capacity amid COVID-19 surges Adventist Health implemented CareAware Capacity Management® in just seven days, helping the organization track critical resources to care for COVID-19 patients.

Ep. 185: Strategies to raise staff morale during COVID-19 | Listening Time: 19:35 In this episode, we speak with Amy Hoey, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Lowell General Hospital in Lowell, Massachusetts.

We offer a comprehensive set of best practices to maximize the value of your IT solutions, services and equipment. These best practices, along with our comprehensive hosting, updates, help desk, and application management services, can strengthen your IT infrastructure, improve end-user satisfaction, and help you drive adoption of new innovations.

We offer these services at a predictable fixed fee, which can reduce the overall cost of IT. Our goal? To work with you to make IT a competitive advantage.

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“Technology is great, that’s just an added bonus,” said Charlie Shields, president and CEO of Truman Medical Centers, Kansas City, Missouri. “What’s really important to us is the relationship, the partnership.”

Relationship, our Human Resources and Kansas City teams work closely with your IT employees to ensure they have a smooth transition and a successful career in .

You can expect your IT team to maintain local work experience while benefiting from the culture and resources of, such as:

Managed IT services can turn IT into a competitive advantage for your organization. We align your health system’s best tools, resources, and capabilities to help you achieve your organization’s financial, clinical, technical, and operational goals.

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Many of our clients are exemplary in the industry. For example, of our US-based clients, 76% received the HIMSS Stage 6 or 7 designation, and three received the Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence.

Additionally, in 2017, Black Book Market Research, a leading healthcare IT market research organization, ranked ITWorks #1 in a survey of complex end-to-end IT outsourcing users in hospitals and physician groups in the united states And in 2018, KLAS ranked

These awards highlight the value of our work together. We offer improved support and services, a greater ability to adopt innovation, and a stronger, more capable local team at a lower global cost.


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