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Business Intelligence Designers Income Dayton – A premier Catholic research university, the University of Dayton is dedicated to developing leaders who shape the world around them through service to others.

MBA@Dayton, the online MBA program offered by UD’s School of Business Administration, prepares students to become strategic and well-rounded leaders to impact the business environment through leadership with integrity.

Business Intelligence Designers Income Dayton

The University of Dayton’s online MBA offers the exact same degree as an on-campus MBA. You can tailor your online MBA curriculum to your background. If you have a bachelor’s degree or related professional experience, you may be eligible for our one-year or accelerated programs.

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The University of Dayton School of Business Administration is accredited by the Association for Advanced Study in Business Administration (AACSB). AACSB accreditation ensures the highest standards of excellence in curriculum, faculty, and students.

The University of Dayton is seeking ambitious, service-oriented leaders to join our online MBA community. To be considered for admission, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

Tuition for the 2023-2024 academic year is $1,460 per credit hour. This rate starts from the period of July 2023. You are also responsible for the expenses of the immersion trip and the expenses that do not include the tuition fee.

Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis. Students can start classes in January, April, July or October. We encourage candidates to submit their applications as soon as possible. Additionally, students who apply by the early priority deadline will waive their $50 application fee.

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The University of Dayton’s online MBA curriculum prepares you to navigate the business world. You will gain practical knowledge that you can immediately apply in your organization or community and topics including:

Review the course description below. Course requirements will vary depending on your program track and choice of concentration.

This course introduces the basic concepts and procedures of financial accounting and the use of financial statements and other financial accounting information for decision making.

This course introduces the basic concepts of preparing and using accounting data by managers when planning, controlling and making decisions in the organization.

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This course introduces students to descriptive and inferential statistics. Students will develop skills in describing and summarizing sample data sets, using probability descriptions, and drawing conclusions and investigating relationships based on sample information.

This course introduces traditional and modern production and service systems, including the operating philosophies that guide these systems and the important tools and techniques used in them.

This course is an overview of finance that includes the time value of money, risk and return, valuation concepts, financial statement analysis, capital budgeting, cost of capital and capital structure, and working capital management.

This course introduces the fundamentals of marketing, including macro and micro concepts that affect marketing management. This course provides an overview of marketing terms, definitions, theories, concepts and practices. Emphasis is placed on the decision variables used by marketing managers, both domestically and globally.

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This course introduces the basic principles of microeconomics and their application. Topics include consumer behavior, production theory, and the interaction of buyers and sellers in different types of markets.

This course introduces the basic technology of information systems and the concepts and techniques needed to analyze, design and manage those systems.

This course introduces management issues conceptualized at the organizational and subunit levels of analysis, with a primary focus on how organizations build their capacities for change to adapt to their environments.

Students will learn to use economic models in managerial decision making. Topics include initial estimation, demand analysis and forecasting, production and cost estimation, profit maximization in competitive markets and in markets where firms have market power, and the basics of game theory focusing on strategic decision making in monopolistic markets and dual models.

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Business Analysis (MBA 791, 1.5 credits) This course provides a framework for quantitative analysis in the business context by examining how analytical thinking, models, and techniques influence business decisions. Students will apply techniques such as linear programming, integer and nonlinear optimization, and simulation modeling to real-world business scenarios.

This course deals with cost management and measurement issues related to organizations. Many organizations face a competitive and rapidly changing environment that has rendered most traditional cost management, accounting control systems, and performance measurement and analysis methods ineffective.

Students consider the underlying principles that drive operational improvements and use them to develop skills in identifying opportunities for improvement. Students will apply analytical tools to quantify problem and solution sets and maintain operational performance through quantitative and policy approaches.

This course examines the role of information and technology in maximizing efficiency, effectiveness and consistency in organizational decision making. By analyzing case studies, students will learn how general managers make decisions about information systems to achieve organizational goals and play their role in managing information assets in an organization.

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Through an interdisciplinary examination of leadership theory, students in this course will consider what makes a workplace effective, efficient, and positive. Topics covered include how to maximize productivity through management and how values ​​shape behavior in organizations. By addressing the human side of organization, students will learn how to become an effective manager.

This is an advanced study in corporate finance. Topics include financial analysis, capital budgeting, cost of capital, valuation and acquisition, and international corporate finance. Students solve complex financial problems and use the unifying theme of creating shareholder value to guide analysis and decision making.

This course emphasizes customer-centric marketing with a focus on strategic decision-making and examining marketing opportunities through product development, pricing strategies, customer communications, and channel management. Students learn how to evaluate business opportunities, research the market, and position a company’s offerings to create customer and shareholder value.

This course provides an overview of the main stages of the analytics life cycle, including determining information needs. Data acquisition; Analysis with descriptive, predictive and prescriptive models. and provide visualization and delivery analysis. Hands-on practice creating visualizations and dashboards and using data mining tools to analyze data.

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In this course, students will explore selected cases that demonstrate the use of various analytical methods in descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to solve specific business problems.

This course examines internet marketing and other forms of electronic marketing in the context of business strategy in domestic and global markets.

This course introduces students to common statistical analysis methods related to marketing decisions. With a focus on interpreting statistical output, students will work with common marketing analytics practices to understand what insights data can provide into marketing strategy. Readings and cases illustrate the relevance of analytical principles to real-world situations.

This course integrates the conceptual understanding of negotiation with its practical application. Students will examine cultural and gender differences in negotiation, the influence of personality traits, the negotiation process, and negotiation strategies. Special attention will be paid to virtual negotiations.

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Project-oriented work is an essential part of management activities in organizations. Consequently, knowledge of project management principles is a very valuable skill. This course is a review of professional project management issues and approaches.

Drawing on Catholic social teaching and the Marianist heritage, students explore business as an important vocation or vocation for the good of society. Class discussions focus on the importance of ethical practices and the benefits of integrating these values ​​with current business issues. Students think about how these ideas relate to their personal goals and beliefs.

This experiential course focuses on the theories of strategic decision-making and stakeholder management in competitive, economic, political, social, cultural and technological contexts. In this way, students consider how to maintain and grow business in manufacturing and service companies of all sizes.

In this experiential course, students work in teams to analyze a company’s strategic environment and develop a set of recommended actions. Working in a non-academic environment, students must deliver a high-quality product to company leaders that addresses specific business needs.

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In our online MBA program, you can pursue a concentration to acquire specialized skills in a specific field. By adding a concentration to your course of study, you can:

For each concentration, you must take three electives, for a total of 9 credits. You can choose to take extra credit and complete both concentrations.

Discover techniques to enhance your branding, sales, and value proposition strategies so you can champion marketing efforts to achieve business goals.

Develop an understanding of analytical tools and quantitative processes commonly used in business analytics and use these data insights to improve strategy within your organization.

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These face-to-face learning experiences are opportunities to apply topics covered in the online class to real-world business challenges. During the immersion, you will:

In addition, you will expand the relationships developed in class with your peers and the UD School of Business Administration. By networking at immersions, you’ll make valuable connections with professionals who share your values ​​and experiences in the UD community.

As a student, you will participate in at least two immersion courses, one of which will be held on the University of Dayton campus in Dayton, Ohio.

Develop the practical skills you need to advance your business career with an online MBA from the University of Dayton.

University Of Dayton Online Master Of Business Administration

The same experienced and committed professionals who teach in our on-campus programs design and teach our online MBA program. UD faculty members are business leaders

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